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MESSAGE OF THE NEW YEAR which could also be stated as a VISION OF THE NEW YEAR, wehave found that what we vision/see manifests and right now we all need to vision freedom, sovereignty and abundance for ourselves, our home, our community and our world.

AS I FIND MYSELF and other close friends evolving in our purpose and life we find ourselves changing and wanting to create the New Earth in this the year of 2013. What a group of us have done is create a Visionary Circle, with a willingness to teach and educate others on the paths we have been exploring and learning the past several years.

HENCE, THE REBIRTHING OF GLOBAL PEACE; we will be sharing the information that has brought us to this point and the new current information that is surfacing on a daily basis. It will all be updated here on a daily basis and we can all learn, love and evolve together in love and light.

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Happy New Year 2013

Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Barbara Hand Clow: Scorpio New Moon –

In-depth report by
Barbara Hand Clow

Scorpio New Moon: October 26, 2011
End of the Mayan Calendar: October 28, 2011

Global (and individual) balancing began with the Fall Equinox and was
reinforced by the Libra New Moon on September 27—and now the time for truth
and personal integrity has arrived. This Scorpio New Moon’s dark intensity
reminds us to cleanse our emotions and see what still remains. Under strong
Scorpio influence, everything gets destroyed that can’t handle the hard and
clear light of truth. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, went direct on September
16, the day before Occupy Wall Street began, so Scorpio cleansing is global;
people are connecting to demand equal justice for all.

This New Moon is unusually influential because it arrives two days before
the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28, 2011. We have reached the
evolutionary turning point of our species—and we must each consider becoming
intentional keepers of Earth. Those who continue to use Earth for their own
desires with no consideration for the planet’s multidimensional fields of
creation are going to crash and burn. Those who accept their eco-sensitive
creative mantle—the new aura of Gaia—are the new seeds for our planet’s
beautiful future. As October 28 arrives, the Nine Underworlds of Creation
will rebirth many Earth Keepers. This exciting New Moon in Scorpio sets the
field for the simultaneous culmination of Nine Underworlds. The period from
the New Moon through midnight on October 28 will probably be remarkable and
mystical, so I will examine it with great care.

The creative agendas of the first eight Underworlds have been driven to
completion during the intensely accelerated Days of the Universal Underworld
since March 9, 2011. Many dualities are resolving as the allurement of
Oneness shifts the fractal fields, and many feel their personal design
within this great cosmic weaving. The awakening of the Cellular is complete,
now that we realize that each cell is intelligent. . . the Tree of Life has
born fruit in all the species that evolved during the Mammalian over 820
million years. . . these species discovered ways to share by discovering
family bonding over 41 million years in the Familial. . . and intelligence
sharpened during the two-million-year Tribal. Our hearts opened during the
Regional when we discovered the sacred, the numinous. We explored the desire
to control and possess for 5,125 long years during the National. . . and
then we sought security and comfort starting in 1755 during the Planetary.
Since the January 1999 opening of the Galactic, we’ve connected ourselves by
means of technology. . . and now during 2011 these creative developments are
swirling us into a spiral of Oneness during the Universal.

Our species will require hundreds, if not thousands, of years to consciously
process all the abuses that were the natural result of our rise to
consciousness during the 16.4 billion years described by the Calendar. Like
trying to push a huge fallen tree erect, there is no turning back now. Now
that we have attained fruition through these nine phases of evolution, we
will learn to -

respect the incredible intelligence of each cell;
protect all species;
value the genius of family bonding;
admire the awesome power of mind;
feel the power in our hearts;
identify hierarchical power;
bless nature’s plenty;
use technology as a tool, not a toy;
and enjoy the bliss of Oneness.

We will invent the new world by co-creating reality in universal awareness.
I am sure of this because I have faithfully followed all the Days and Nights
of the Universal Underworld this year, and I have seen irreversible new
patterns taking shape; for example, the increasing bans on the use of
nuclear energy for power. Now we are flying into the radical spiral. When
this vortex calms down, we must identify what we have accomplished;
otherwise, we may not have the will and vision with which to go forward. So,
let’s assess our progress, and then I will read this New Moon to see how its
field might help us embrace the simultaneous culmination of all Nine

Regarding a few issues this fall, Palestine requested statehood from the
United Nations on the day of the Fall Equinox, which was a bold attempt to
resolve the dangerous tension that festers in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic
vortex. The US and its chosen allies have finished trashing Iraq, and are
winding down in Afghanistan, so they are casting around for other wars to
guarantee business for the weapons manufacturers. On October 21, Obama
announced the removal of American troops from Iraq by Christmas, which
inspired some wry comments in the October 22 New York Times: “The
president’s statement coming a day after the NATO air campaign hastened the
death of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya, was laden with symbolism, marking
the ebb tide of a decade of American military engagements that began after
the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks… For Mr. Obama, whose rise to the White House
was based partly on his opposition to the Iraq war but who as president
ordered a troop buildup in Afghanistan and intensified drone strikes against
militants in the region, the announcement fulfills a campaign promise.” War
weary Americans responded with little joy over this long-awaited moment,
since senior Obama officials such as Joe Biden were already trumpeting the
next new American way of war to citizens weary of ground combat in the Iraq
and Afghanistan. Wow! The US military spent only 1.1 billion in Libya and
didn’t lose a single life!

Meanwhile, the US Attorney General Eric Holder reported that his contacts in
the war against the Mexican drug cartels told him Iran was behind an alleged
plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington. Stunningly,
the next morning after announcing this bizarre plot, Holder and the whole
Justice Department were subpoenaed by Congress to tell the truth about the
ATF’s (Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) involvement in providing
weapons to the very same Mexican cartels! In a plan dubbed “Fast and
Furious” ATF is accused of selling thousands of guns to the drug cartels,
instructing border guards to allow the weapons to pass through, and then
dropping all surveillance of the guns once they cross the border! Weapons
sold during “Fast and Furious” have been found at dozens of crime scenes in
the US and Mexico, and they’ve been used to shoot US Border Patrol agents!
(See “Fast and Furious: 22 Shocking Facts about the Scandal that Could Bring
Down the Obama Administration” on The American Dream website.)

As if somebody is mixing up two movie plots concocted in another dimension,
Holder calls attention away from himself by saying he found out about the
alleged Saudi assassination plot from the very same drug cartel that the US
was supplying with guns!

For the average person, reality was really distorted during last month’s
lunation because the media mostly abrogated its responsibilities by failing
to fully report on the debate over Palestinian statehood, the
gun-profiteering scandals brewing in the highest levels of US government,
and on the real motivation for the Occupy Wall Street movement that is now
“Occupy” globally. As anybody can easily see, power structures built during
the last 5,125 years are being assaulted at every level because the people
are demanding their rights and opposing a future of endless war and
financial deprivation, but all you get on TV is bloodied bodies of fallen
leaders and abused wild animals.

Going to the chart for the Scorpio New Moon, there are signs the people will
attain their rights. The New Moon closely opposes retrograde Jupiter in
Taurus, so Jupiter’s earthy confidence expands and grounds this new intense
Scorpio seed. Also, Jupiter is almost exactly trine Pluto in Capricorn, so
the desire for happiness and joy is about all the people and not just “the
1%.” Since Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, this dark dynamo has been
transforming the industrial power structures of this world. Now this power
is emerging within the global scream for fairness with Saturn transiting
Libra through fall 2012. Fairness is the theme of the New Moon because Pluto
sextiles the lunation, and Saturn exactly sextiles Mars in Leo, which
exactly squares Mercury/Venus in Scorpio. These are the go-go signature
aspects of the closing Mayan Calendar, since the Sun exactly opposes Jupiter
exactly trine Pluto on October 28. Some people fear -especially the
“haves- that these scandals and demonstrations could end up creating a
horrible global bloodbath like the French Revolution. But this is not the
situation because what we are seeing is the beginning of the end of 5,125
years of male-dominant abuse. This is a profound global movement with
Chiron/Neptune sextiling Pluto and sextiling Jupiter, and trining the New
Moon. These great changes are very healing because they aim for a
spiritualized world, not just a struggle for democracy that is managed for a
fee by the elite. Jupiter will go direct at 0 Taurus on Christmas Day 2011,
a day when many people will celebrate the incarnation of Light.

The most intriguing aspect in this chart is Venus-in-Scorpio squaring
Mars-in-Leo because the square is exact thirty minutes before the New Moon.
Wow! This means the great Plutonic cleanse is going to be expressed by equal
female and male forces. We’ve seen this marriage in many of the revolutions
in the world right now, especially in Egypt. Venus in Scorpio (entered
October urges the expression of deep feelings, such as feeling the rights
of all species. She is the lioness that protects her cubs. Mars in Leo
demands total courage and loyalty to truth and all beings; he is the lion
that opens the heart. With this square, I expect to see the beginning of a
global cry for the protection of wild animals, especially in light of the
hideous massacre in Zanesville, Ohio, in mid-October. The beautiful and
passionate joining of male and female force during this New Moon is like
manna falling on the freedom movements-exactly the personal power that can
carry the force during the simultaneous culmination of Nine Underworlds.
Saturn in Libra exactly sextiles Mars in Leo, so this potent Venus/Mars
square is stabilized by Saturn’s struggle for justice. Each one of us will
play a personal role in absorbing this culmination because we are the
reflective aspects of evolution. The energy in the Occupy Movement is so
strong and well linked by social media that it can bowl over the resistant
elements of the powers-that-be as we’ve seen in the Middle East. The elite
clutches for the old safety systems of the National, Planetary, and Galactic
Underworlds; however, their greed has stolen the people’s future, and people
who have nothing will revolt. Mysteriously, a huge Coronal Mass Ejection
(CME) shot out of the sun on October 22 that will blast Mars on the day of
the New Moon! During the culmination of the Calendar, very unusual events
have been going on in the solar system, and the Sun has been very
expressive. For example, a few months ago a CME blasted Comet Elenin into
pieces, the comet that some said was the “Comet of Chastisement” in
Revelation. Ironically, the CME that will blast Mars during the New Moon
could herald the end of war in a real way! You should be watching the Sun on right now to see if another CME might seriously affect the
solar system.

A question for the Calendar culmination is, how much will people really
understand about what is actually going on? Ironically, plenty! Mercury is
very close to Venus as she squares Mars, so potent mental comprehension is
added to the visceral knowledge between male and female forces expressed by
Leo Mars squaring Scorpio Venus. Notice that these planets aspecting Mars
will resonate with the CME as it strikes Mars! Mercury gets to within a
second of Venus on November 2, when they both move into Sagittarius
together. Bingo! Comprehension about the real truth in our primary
relationships is going to explode: Many partners will have to deal with
unresolved elements in their relationships that hold them back from
supporting this huge cleansing of human history. Ouch! Do not kid yourself,
we all carry these shadows, and this chart says we must clear them before
they backfire on us. Mercury carries this admonition through November 2, and
then Mercury goes retrograde November 23 until mid-December. As annoying as
Sagittarian fire can be, it exposes the lies. Regarding deceptions, Neptune
goes direct November 9 (returns to Pisces in early February 2012), so
elevating conflicts to the spirit level resolves things very well in subtle
ways. But don’t forget spirit won’t help you if you are lying, especially to
yourself! This New Moon is the night when I’d love to hear the pillow talk
in the White House!

Lastly, Uranus continues to square Pluto, creating a force that is causing
the people to rise up in discontent, especially with Pluto having gone
direct just before “Occupy Wall Street” began. Since there will be seven
exact Uranus/Pluto squares during 2012-2015, this movement has only just
begun. Please consider this idea: Debt is not a necessity. Debt is a
technique used to weaken the populace by skimming off public reserves for
the agendas of the rich, such as wars for profit. Wall Street has stupidly
exposed this abuse, so now the people know that total slavery- a sort of
return to a feudal age- is what will happen if debt enslavement continues.
Debt enslavement is not the same as using capital to create projects, which
is a technique that creates energy. Pluto will have its way in the
destruction of the structures that strangle Earth, and Uranus will activate
the forces of transformation that will bring resource usage back into
balance. The fascinating thing about this juicy New Moon right at the end of
the Calendar is that it shows that all this energy must run through each one
of us—through us within our partnerships, and within the brave freedom
fighters in the streets. It would seem that the flaring Sun is making sure
we get enough energy

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  1. Here is an excellent overview of our statis as seen thru the eyes of astrology...excellent read!!!