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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time - Section Six: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme by David Wilcock


If you haven't studied the previous five sections of this stunning investigation, what you are about to read will seem impossible.
You may laugh in disbelief and fire off searing comments -- telling me I'm crazy.
Go ahead... but I'm going to tell the truth anyway for those who will listen.
The bonds we have now seen from four different sources are used to underwrite a covert economic system -- run by the Federal Reserve and its global equivalent, the Bank of International Settlements or BIS.

This system is backed by massive quantities of gold that were seized from countries all throughout the world, beginning with a secret agreement in 1921 -- slightly over seven years after the founding of the Federal Reserve.

World leaders were given worthless bonds -- in astronomical denominations -- in exchange for massive quantities of gold. They want their gold back -- but it is being kept from them with deadly force.


An incredibly massive 'covert' economy has since been created. Insiders are told this economy is backed by the massive quantities of gold on 'deposit' with the BIS.

The dollar values in this covert system are much larger than anything in the open world.

Yet, you can deal in this system, pull profits out of it and use them in the open world.

Could you spend, say, $7,500 dollars and end up with millions of dollars in profits in just a few months?

Yes. Absolutely.

(These programs have apparently now been shut down, according to Fulford and Scott, but a small number of top insiders are apparently still using it.)

Let me make myself clear. This system does exist. More importantly, it is 100-percent LEGAL. The key to whether you can actually get into it and use it is all about who you know.

Due to my public position and the wide variety of contacts I have made with insiders who have access to highly compartmentalized top-secret programs, I was offered several ways in which I could have done this.

Given what we have learned in this investigation, I now consider this to be the Ultimate Ponzi Scheme -- custom-made to destroy the legitimate world economy.

Click on the link below to read the complete article:

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  1. This is such detailed and research material that it takes a while to read it and to absorb it... and many areas it takes going back and doing a re-read... thank you David.... for your work and dedication.... now go somewhere and rest and take care of yourself... please!!!!