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Happy New Year 2013

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poofness 2-5-12…”The Profundity of it All”

Greetings and Salutations;
Since 1984 to now, we have reached the conclusion of this profound shift in earth runnings. No one, not even they who attended that meeting in Chicago all those years ago, knew the war would take this long. The clock has run out on many who were there, creating this shift of the world's wealth, from the greedy to the common people. Matter of fact, the greedy always believed they could prevent it from happening, even as they signed documents with their fingers crossed behind their backs. The sheer mass of what is taking place at this time is, so profound, years later folks will be talking about what happened that changed the world. Yet the st germain trust people got busy nigh unto 300 years ago, preparing for what they saw as a need in the world, then. Imagine if you will, the compound interest over that many years. Or try and grok the huge amount saved for this time by the dragons and certain other trusts for the good of the world so hunger and lack would cease to exist. Right always wins even if it takes a bit to get thru the evil. This will end the argument of there not being enough to go is Profound. Because they didn't kill anyone to make it happen, imagine that. Of course many took themselves out as a sacrifice to the nothingness they believed in.
You who watch the nasa sites may notice something else profound, a planetoid on a course in our direction has suddenly shifted course, and will no longer interact with our world. Many of the folks you do not believe in have been busy keeping our world safe. While the baptist have this world being destroyed by fire, note that fire is used many times to refer to purification, not a literal burning. I would suggest that now is a good time to be prepared to be surprised about all you believe in. After all, facts are but accepted opinions and subject to be changed by 'profound' events. We are talking about forces beyond the control of earth bound forces. Some of which are known by the secret government and kept away from the people as real. For this reason, there will be no nuclear war on this planet, it will not be permitted and that has been the paradigm since the mid 80's no matter this 'manly war talk'. If you understood molecular activity, you'd understand how easy it would be to change a nuke into a loaf of bread. Profound, right? Actually simple science when you loose the war mentality.
I only graze the areas of what I know, only to let you all know that major changes are afoot, that no amount of politrix can change. Money can't change, it's the physics of it all. When it's time, it's time and that's all there is to it as sure as the seasons. As I began all those years ago stating, the US doesn't run the world, it just thinks it does, in a brief moment you will see with your own eyes what I mean. This earth is being returned to it's pristine state, despite those who think crapping in other folk's back yards is ok. The us will be put back as it was intended and the folks in the rafters are making it so. We have a constitution, based on the code of hammurabi, the magna carta, and the iriquois confederation, which means it's not like we don't know how to live with each other, we just need to remove those who would do otherwise....flippin' neanderthals. Time to go and let they running the show handle their business. I'll certainly will be handling mine. Go fearless into the future, and leave those behind who live in terror about everything. It's all good, albeit a bit challenging.
Love and Kisses,

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  1. this is a very interesting post...sort of like saying good bye.... maybe he is going along with the same idea that the dinar guru's are doing.... not sharing what is really going on.... i like that idea.... a very good sign...