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MESSAGE OF THE NEW YEAR which could also be stated as a VISION OF THE NEW YEAR, wehave found that what we vision/see manifests and right now we all need to vision freedom, sovereignty and abundance for ourselves, our home, our community and our world.

AS I FIND MYSELF and other close friends evolving in our purpose and life we find ourselves changing and wanting to create the New Earth in this the year of 2013. What a group of us have done is create a Visionary Circle, with a willingness to teach and educate others on the paths we have been exploring and learning the past several years.

HENCE, THE REBIRTHING OF GLOBAL PEACE; we will be sharing the information that has brought us to this point and the new current information that is surfacing on a daily basis. It will all be updated here on a daily basis and we can all learn, love and evolve together in love and light.

This is the year, 2013, for Unity, Community and Love. We are all going to learn how to bring these three elements into our personal life, or family life, our community and the world, and we would really like for you to join us for this journey and to participate with us on building a community here on the internet from whatever part of the world you are in, you are all welcome!!!!

WELCOME ABOARD and enjoy the journey with us, we can travel this road together to find the love, peace and divine wonder of this thing we call LIFE.

The Work For Our Real Final Work is Here!

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Happy New Year 2013

Monday, June 25, 2012

Michael channeled by Ron Head - Our promise is that very soon you will have the knowing of this.

Today it is well for us to speak about peace.  Of course we are not speaking about a cessation of hostilities in the world, although that will soon be your experience, as well.  The peace we wish to discuss is the end of hostilities within your mind and body.

Your soul has been wanting this for all of your life here on Earth.  Perhaps not all really, it is likely that learned behavior is responsible for a great deal of the problem, although much of it is brought forward from your previous experiences, as well as the influences of others which you have, knowingly or not, assumed were yours.

Those of you who are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around you, and that includes almost everyone who will read our words, also, in most cases, are still learning to separate those emotions from your own.

In the past, there were years spent learning to quiet one’s mind and emotions, if any attempt were made at all.  There is no time left for that sort of game to be played.  We know that sounds a bit stern, but it is time now for the real masters that you are to stand up and step forward.  There is one paramount assignment which you assumed upon agreeing to be here at this time.  You knew that you would need to be at peace in the midst of upheaval.  How does one do that?

You, many of you, have always avoided crowded places simply because you were so sensitive to the thoughts and emotions around you.  How will you remain calm in such times?  The knowledge of how to do that is within you.  And we are telling you now that the means has been given you in these past days, as well.  You are carrying within you a much greater resource of love and light than you have ever had before while on this planet.  You have been told many times how to connect with that.  If you have made any attempts to do so, you are aware that one of the things it imparts to you is total peace in any circumstance.

We hope you are using some of your moments every day to seek this inside yourselves.  This will spill over into your outer lives as a matter of course.  But we ask you to intend that this happen in order to speed the process.  You will need this solid ground on which to stand.  Find the heart center of your being and think, speak, and act from there.  Do this and all will be well with you.  Intend this and do not allow words, actions, or circumstances to shake that intention.

You have been told that you are the strongest of the strong.  The time approaches for you to find out why we have told you that.  As change is measured in the universes, you will not be asked to weather long years of this.  But the abruptness and quantity of change will be difficult for some of you, and for most of those who do not expect it.

Remember also that you are not now, and never have been, alone.  Call upon us.  Call upon your Creator.  Ask for the peace and strength we are speaking of and it will be yours in full measure.  Allow it into your hearts and cherish it as we cherish each of you.

We are your loving family and we stand with you always.  Our promise is that very soon you will have the knowing of this.  Good day, dear hearts.

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  1. I keep reminding myself of this..."
    Remember also that you are not now, and never have been, alone"