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Friday, March 30, 2012

Archangel Michael through Ron Head: May your Freedom be Swift in Coming, March 29, 2012

Posted by Wes Annac
Source: Aquarius Channelings 

[Note from Wes: This message from Archangel Michael through our good friend Ron seems to confirm that our Creator has given the go-ahead for many things that Gaia was seeking approval on that we were told about in the latest Wanderer of the Skies message. As you know, that request from Gaia made it's way to Wanderer's channels and resulted in the article 'Let's Manifest Disclosure!' from yours truly. 

If the information given here from Michael is indeed what it seems to be and is correct, than this could be a crucial development that we have been waiting for, for quite some time. Things do seem to be heating up especially today, and I hope that the statements made by dear Archangel Michael in this message are the wonderful confirmations that we have been looking for.  ]

(A short note from Ron about this message) :

“This morning I was surprised (read shocked) to receive a message from “Michael as Ashtar Sheran”. It was short and blunt. I was, frankly, nervous about posting it. I went back and asked Michael if he would give me an alternate message. He sent this, which is the same message in softer words. Still nervous, I went to Creator. His response is included.”


At this time we are ready to give our support to the operations of our brothers and sisters on your planet.  We urge your earliest commencement of the planned actions.  We have received authorization from Creator to commence now.  Our plans are completed and we are ready to assure your success.  The timing of further plans for earth’s ascension has reached a point that makes further delay increasingly ill-advised.  All of our allies are aware of this fact.  We expect all to commence at once.  The ships will increase decloakings to signal our readiness and support.  All fleets are in readiness at this time.  We await your earliest move.  No interference will be allowed.  We will communicate further as the need arises.  Our blessings and support to all our dear brothers and sisters.  May your freedom be swift in coming.  Good day.

(I was extremely surprised to receive this message and sought confirmation.)

Creator:   We approve what you have transcribed.

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  1. Here is our promise to back up what David and Drake are doing... all the pieces are fitting together... hang onto your seats...