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MESSAGE OF THE NEW YEAR which could also be stated as a VISION OF THE NEW YEAR, wehave found that what we vision/see manifests and right now we all need to vision freedom, sovereignty and abundance for ourselves, our home, our community and our world.

AS I FIND MYSELF and other close friends evolving in our purpose and life we find ourselves changing and wanting to create the New Earth in this the year of 2013. What a group of us have done is create a Visionary Circle, with a willingness to teach and educate others on the paths we have been exploring and learning the past several years.

HENCE, THE REBIRTHING OF GLOBAL PEACE; we will be sharing the information that has brought us to this point and the new current information that is surfacing on a daily basis. It will all be updated here on a daily basis and we can all learn, love and evolve together in love and light.

This is the year, 2013, for Unity, Community and Love. We are all going to learn how to bring these three elements into our personal life, or family life, our community and the world, and we would really like for you to join us for this journey and to participate with us on building a community here on the internet from whatever part of the world you are in, you are all welcome!!!!

WELCOME ABOARD and enjoy the journey with us, we can travel this road together to find the love, peace and divine wonder of this thing we call LIFE.

The Work For Our Real Final Work is Here!

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Happy New Year 2013

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


***Please see meditation instructions below
In reading the transcript of Steve Beckow's interview with St Germain yesterday, I cut & pasted parts of it below and what came to me was, that while we are waiting (to do our job with the Abundance Packages to help others), we need to claim all that is outlined below . . . all while welding the Violet Flame - most deeply believing in it's capacity to perform 'miracles'

Below is what stood out for me most (please forward it onto others) . . .

From Steve Beckow's hour with St Germain 19 March 12

St.G: We had seen the tyranny—of monarchies, of despots, of individuals who felt that they were leaders and rulers. And it is the tyranny of the ego, it is the tyranny and the decline of the human collective, of the human race, into greed and lust. What the founding of this country, the United States, was about was a declaration of freedom, that it would be founded quite literally on liberty, equality and justice.

These are not simply words. This is the bedrock of freedom. To understand, when we talk about equality, equality has gotten lost, and it has gotten lost in the political furor and in the density of bigotry, whether it is racial or economic, or sexual, gender. But equality was meant to reflect the God-presence in each being, and that each being had the right to pursue and to fulfill that destiny, and to do so in ways that were not hindered. And we do not mean that the individual would be unfettered in terms of consideration for society, for is that not part of being a divine being?

One of the requirements of freedom is to claim it. It is not just served up. And if it sits there, there is always, in the old form of what the humans had declined to, there is the opportunity to abuse it. So, now, the people—and not just the people of North America, but the people everywhere—are claiming their freedom and their rights. So, have I been temporarily discouraged? Yes. Has that given me renewed vigor, and those that I work with? Yes.

the claiming of freedom is also the claiming of what is rightfully belonging to the humans . . . and voting not for those who will continue the repression and the limitation

You need to believe that you’re in charge. There are too many attitudes, as you put it, waiting for the benevolence of those you have chosen to legislate your lives. You need to believe and to know that you are free to access the World Trust. You need to know that abundance is your right. It is not a favor or a gift that is being bestowed upon you. Too many of you think it is beyond your wildest dreams. And so you hold to the dream, but you don’t quite claim it. If you were all to claim it, today, tonight, with me, it would be done.

It is a myth, and it is a myth that we do not even understand how humans could believe, that there is not enough. And if you doubt this, that there is enough, then know, there is already a sacred Trust. There is enough. There is more than enough.

So what I would ask each light-worker—and most of you are multi-talented, so do not limit yourself—but begin, as a healer, as a channel, as a teacher, to reach out to those who are disenfranchised. Because when Nesara hits, the disenfranchised, those who have been downtrodden, who have been incarcerated emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, certainly socially, they will need a hand-up. And it is a hand-up even before they break through. In many cases, their spiritual life is strong, but I want, we want, to see their physical life strong as well, for their life force flame to burn brightly.

So, reach out to those who need it most urgently, and then reach out to those whose mindset needs help in adjusting to a new world, to a place where they do not need to worry, paycheck to paycheck to paycheck, whether they can put their children in school or have food on the table or pay a mortgage at usurious rates. They will need to be freed as well.

But do not think that you do not need to work with the wealthy and the powerful, because there are ego adjustments and healing, massive healing, that will be accomplished on that front as well. What you are doing, my beloved friends—and yes, you are the brave ones who said, “I will go and I will do this”—you are creating a world community. You are replicating what my brothers and I had in Tibet.

as this change occurs, as the new dawn is breaking, there is no need for secrecy anymore. Step out into the daylight and declare yourself, and you will be supported in those declarations. And people will shake their heads, say, “Well, I guess you were right. I guess you’re not crazy after all.”

SB: Could you talk to us a bit about the violet flame, how it is that it’s transformative, what it is in its essence, please?

St.G: You may think of it…its essence is the energy of the Source of the Godhead. It is very electrical, is a way in which human beings can understand it. You can think of it as miraculous, magical. It is the ability to transmute, transform, transubstantiate whatever—physical, mental, material, spiritual. If there is anything that is not of God-essence that needs or wishes to be, agrees to be transformed, it is done instantaneously.

Many call upon my violet flame, and yet they do not trust and believe  that the change, the incredible transformation, can be instant. And constant! That is the other thing, the other quality that people do not acknowledge. It is not just lit and then going out, lit and going out, it is an ever-present energy throughout the Universe. But it is my purpose and mission to have this anchored on Earth. It’s my honor.

For entire transcript and link to hear the interview and see what each of you get

***This presentment was prepared and researched by Ginger Vogler in Hawaii and I want to thank her for creating this so that we can take the highlighted areas and incorporate them into a meditation that we would say and command once a day to manifest NESARA into our world NOW.
Please take the time to incorporate this into your morning meditation time, this is our time…. This is our responsibility…. This is what we came here to do…. Let’s do it NOW

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  1. Please....Please include this command of NESARA manifesting in our world into your morning meditations... Thank You...