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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

David Wilcocks Comments on Ben Fulfords Latest Article…11-8-11

No number… just a realistic statement that I’m about to post another Fulford transcript from the New Zealand interview he did. Exciting times… been waiting for this one all day!
So much going on right now… lots of insider juice to share.
- David
I also have a new insider source that is directly connected to the queen of a Southeast Asian country. This man got directly involved in linking the queen to the Chinese royal family — the direct descendants of the Dragon line.
This man independently verified what Fulford has been saying without even knowing about the story. According to him, one of these Dragon people is over 165 years old. The Chinese bailed out the US after the Civil War in the 1800s. They still have the contract and tried to call in all the interest.
This person told me the US argued that the contract was null and void unless one of the original signatories was present. Little did they realize that one of the people who signed it as a young man in the 1800s was still alive. Last year, so I was told, this man appeared before the world court and wiped out the US’s excuse.
Ben wouldn’t go there, but it appears these Chinese elders have such a long lifespan because they are extraterrestrial human immigrants who have kept their bloodlines intact, and they naturally have a longer lifespan. The history of China and the Dragon family supports this idea.
I do think that one key aspect of the “Illuminati” is that they are hunting down these immigrant “royal families” and destroying them — but they’ve never been able to get to the Chinese. That’s a source of great frustration for them.
This material is interesting, it came unexpectedly, and it corroborates what Ben has been saying. This source said the same thing — the Chinese elders are involved in a plan to defeat the Old World Order, and it’s almost complete.
I will soon get the chance to speak to this middle-man myself and hear more, but this is now another independent point of contact that appeared in my life and validated the same thing Ben has been saying. This is the second very strong validation of this I’ve had in the last six weeks.
- David
Another thing I should point out is I have had two strong Obama dreams lately. In one of them he was signing over the presidency and stepping down. What Ben is saying here corroborates this data.
- David

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  1. I love how David and Ben research and find the same validates them both and makes this info for the new learner more my book they valid all of the seers and channelers for what they are being "told"...this is absolutely thrilling for me and i am so honored to be part of this history in the making....