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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Benjamin Fulford Interview Transcript from David Wilcock

Written by David Wilcock Monday, 31 October 2011

On October 13, 2011, Benjamin Fulford gave another revealing interview. As a public service, we have transcribed it and summarized the greater context we have been sharing here — so these world-defining events will be easier to follow and document as we proceed.
Transcript and Commentary by David Wilcock, New York Times best-selling author of “The Source Field Investigations”


I have carefully followed the Benjamin Fulford story since he first emerged on the Internet a few years ago — and have interviewed him several times now myself.

It is quite a remarkable tale — wherein a former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine stumbles into the dark world of international finance and control, and ends up becoming a key player in opposing it.

Fulford discovered this quasi-governmental group had genocidal plans for humanity — and were siphoning off massive amounts of money from the Japanese economy that could have been used to end poverty and environmental destruction.

He was then contacted by positive Asian secret societies who have been resisting the Old World Order. Now, with an English-speaking Westerner they could trust, these people were able to get the truth out to the Western world.

Since these early days, their alliance has grown dramatically — to the point now that apparently 100 different countries are aligned in their efforts to overthrow the Old World Order and restore peace and prosperity to the people of this planet.

It is not easy for these resistance groups to communicate publicly, due to the extensive use of murder, threats, bribery and blackmail by the Old World Order. As soon as anyone sticks their neck out, their head could easily get chopped off.

Fulford claims to have survived multiple attempts on his life, and still lives to tell this amazing tale of international intrigue.


I don’t wish to dishonor or discredit Fulford’s work by bringing up the UFO subject. It is very clear that he wishes to steer clear of it in his own work. However, many people are very interested in this subject, and Fulford has touched on it occasionally.

Fulford has no direct evidence that UFOs exist, and / or are piloted by extraterrestrials. He has never seen one, and it does not appear that he has intensively studied the available literature on the subject.

In many ways, Fulford was essentially an “ordinary guy” working for Forbes as a financial journalist before he stumbled into this world. Clearly, there is so much to know and learn within his own area of concern that he doesn’t have much time to read up on UFOs.

However, Fulford has met with Pentagon sources who claim to have directly worked with gravity-shielding and stargate-type “portal” technology, and who wish to release it to humanity. Fulford has not seen any of this himself, but said he would love it if it were true.

This was one of several ways in which the things Fulford heard fit together very neatly with what I’d already encountered from other insiders.

Fulford did also hear that the Chinese were contacted by ETs in the 1940s who were mistreated by the United States government — apparently in the Roswell crash.

He was also told that this same ET group is apparently still assisting the Chinese — and others — to this very day. I have also had significant corroboration of this from my own ‘insider’ sources.


As a result of being a public figure discussing UFOs since 1996, including appearing in seven episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, I have had numerous ‘insiders’ approach me who work within classified projects to share information.

The conclusions I have made from this body of information are quite vast in scope. We are going through the very last days of our “isolation,” thinking we’re the only intelligent human life out there. This will all be changing sooner than we think.

I have also been closely affiliated with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, within the first few months of their development. My deep involvement with Project Camelot gave me potential access to every insider who approached them.

Most of these whistleblowers were captured on videos that are free for everyone to watch – but others could not go public. Some of the key insiders I am in contact with did not speak to Camelot at all.


I have had over 100 hours of discussion with “Henry Deacon,” a Camelot witness who worked within a world so highly classified it would almost have to be called a breakaway civilization, as Rich Dolan has termed it.

The Deacon material was absolutely electrifying, and when I began reading it, I knew Kerry and Bill had found someone who was very genuine — and plugged in at a very high level. There were many correlations with what I had heard, and never published, from others.

At this level, you begin your day by driving to work at a military base somewhere. You sign in and go through three or four increasingly strict security checkpoints before arriving at what is called “The Corridor.”

You walk down a long, round hallway with an elevator at the end. To ordinary workers, it’s just an elevator that will take you up one floor, albeit very slowly — and there’s a stairwell right next to it that does the same thing a lot faster, so why wait?

However, if you are carrying the right identification, then when you step into this metallic, oversized elevator, insert your key into the lock and turn it, the door slowly closes behind you — and when it opens, you’ve now traveled to an entirely different location.

The elevator is literally a portal that uses an instantaneous means of travel to bring you to work — which could be in another underground base on Earth, any one of over 200 large interstellar spacecraft, or a variety of different off-planet bases.


Deacon encountered at least 43 different types of human beings at his job, each of whom had evolved on different worlds. The vast majority of them looked quite similar to you and me, though they could range from two and a half feet tall up to fifteen feet.

The base Henry worked at was located on Mars, and of the 270,000 “personnel” who worked there, only 10,000 were born on or descended from people on Earth.

His job was fairly boring, from a terrestrial perspective — he was essentially a maintenance and problem-solving man for various forms of advanced equipment they were using there.

He was kept tightly contained, never even got to walk the surface of the planet, and spent a lot of time playing ping-pong and watching television.

He didn’t interact with ETs much except in certain meetings, and there were strict guidelines: no idle chatter, no specific questions other than whatever was work-related. This is something you hear again and again with people who have met ETs in these fields.


I have spent well over 100 hours in conversation with Deacon over the years, and he finally came forward and revealed himself to the public at the Zurich conference in July 2009, during the second half of the late NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary’s groundbreaking presentation on free energy.

You can access the full two-hour-and-43-minute video of this presentation by scrolling to the bottom of this page:

It doesn’t move as quickly as it could, since every statement is translated into German as we go. However, it is still worth watching.

I jumped up on stage with Henry, by his request, when he finally decided to come forward. This exciting and unexpected moment begins at 57:51 in the following video:

Click Here to continue reading and to view the video.

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