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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

POOFNESS 11-7-11 and 11-13-11

Greetings to my blog readers…. I have compiled two postings by Poofness all together with the latest being first and the most current last, I felt they were all very interesting and worth reading… so here goes….enjoy!!!!

From Suzy Star:
Dear Ones,
I didn't comment on Poof's post today and the message below while it is a good week old, has some valid info in it and was sent me by a friend who found it on the 4winds site. I always look forward to Kauilia's comments so when I receive that I'll send it on. In the meantime, the post does make some sense and I know Poof is as baffled as we are by the delays but again, I still feel when it is safe to do so, the funds will be released so stay focused and in the observer mode until that occurs.
Suzy Star

[From Poof]:
Good morning. So says Poof!
I have said for years, when all this happens the citizens will be shocked, scarcely able to believe what they see and hear. You see what they let you see, but things are not as they appear. The truth is, you'll be quite happy when they finish and the announcements start. Just don't be seeking revenge, that's already being handled for the citizens. Hillary was spoken to directly by the dragons and she's on a short's Bill. The Bush' are toast and all of this will become public. Including the warrants that judge has when they clean out dc.
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 22:23:16 -0500
They are working on the release right now, the dragons put more money into Greece and Italy and that paperwork was added to the g20 fix and is being signed off. This broadcast test is opening English broad cast into China...much more cooperation going on across the globe than anyone realizes.
Since Tues. night they have been going for the release of everything, the 'closers' are on the job. Poof

Poofness 11-13-11…”War of the Worlds”…

Greetings and Salutations,
So, I'm saying Good Bye....for the umpteenth time...what about it? Hell I didn't know they were going to wrap the 'armistice' stuff up or that it even needed wrapped up. If you remember, last year, germany finally finished paying their debt from WW1. Read the information and you will understand why it was never settled til now and they even used the 11th for the 'time'. While no one in the media was talking about it, China was here in DC, signing the final signature on the g20 agreements, and finishing what was started at the treaty of versailles, all those years ago. Notice, there were reparations to go with that, delayed by behavior of countries, until the lender of last resort, brought down the roof on everybody, which is what you've been watching for the last few years. The 'never pay model' has failed and the bankers ar e wailing. There's a ton of legalities involved, the bad boys could never get by and the results are before you right now.
Perhaps now you will understand why everything begins and ends in France and the US.
This next link will blow your mind, we knew for years, that nazi war criminals were brought into the us, after ww2 ended but it wasn't obvious.
[kp note: I found the above video played but with so many interruptions it was impossible (for me) to watch, so a YouTube link is here (this does play):]
Check the other links on the page too.
[kp note: this one is definitely worth a read, if you are unfamiliar with the proposal that GHW Bush was actually born in Nazi Germany as "George H. Scherff, Jr."; and the entire Bush et al. crew was brought to the US to "infect" it, in a sense, and create a Nazi-idea-run USA. As the article states, "The 'Bush' family was created to destroy America"]
Now the dragons of china, were watching this stuff for years and as their part of making this world right, went after this bunch to end their game. You believed the propaganda they fed us for years and years. Soldiers went to war and fought for these criminals under the belief they were being patriotic and defending people's freedom. Now the crap ends and the world will finally know freedom from these miscreants. Yes the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. This bumper sticker is now being distributed to members of the unity church. So while we whined about how long distribution was taking and friends and relatives passing on during the wait...those folks in the rafters were clearing your way. This so, the bad guys couldn't start the machine back up again. I have no idea, how 'christians' miss the fact th at Jesus, by today's definition, was a socialist...present that idea, when you hit the pearly gates and see how far that gets you.
The pedal is hitting the metal right now, hold on to your shorts and check your opinions at the doorway to your freedom and be thankful, someone was looking out for your ignorance. More will be revealed so, the public never hands their freedom over again to folks in suits.
C'est la vie.....ya'all
Love and Kisses,

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  1. This is really current information on what is happening globally in our world...enjoy!!!!