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MESSAGE OF THE NEW YEAR which could also be stated as a VISION OF THE NEW YEAR, wehave found that what we vision/see manifests and right now we all need to vision freedom, sovereignty and abundance for ourselves, our home, our community and our world.

AS I FIND MYSELF and other close friends evolving in our purpose and life we find ourselves changing and wanting to create the New Earth in this the year of 2013. What a group of us have done is create a Visionary Circle, with a willingness to teach and educate others on the paths we have been exploring and learning the past several years.

HENCE, THE REBIRTHING OF GLOBAL PEACE; we will be sharing the information that has brought us to this point and the new current information that is surfacing on a daily basis. It will all be updated here on a daily basis and we can all learn, love and evolve together in love and light.

This is the year, 2013, for Unity, Community and Love. We are all going to learn how to bring these three elements into our personal life, or family life, our community and the world, and we would really like for you to join us for this journey and to participate with us on building a community here on the internet from whatever part of the world you are in, you are all welcome!!!!

WELCOME ABOARD and enjoy the journey with us, we can travel this road together to find the love, peace and divine wonder of this thing we call LIFE.

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Happy New Year 2013

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Oracel Report – April 17, 2012

Spiritual warriors engage!  Today’s report is very important and our inner wise, old owl that we have been working so hard to cultivate will need to come out and soar HIGH above today’s energy. 

The energy in and of itself is intense today, but we have the added extreme plasmic effects of “magnetic fields on the Sun erupting around 17:45 UT on April 16, producing one of the most spectacular explosions in years” (NASA).  Extreme ultra-violet wavelengths are hitting us today.  This is going to challenge us.  There are two things going on.  First, the tendency is to feel like we have failed in some way, that we have let others down, or have let ourselves down.  People will be left feeling frustrated, defeated, and emotionally wiped-out.  Illusions will be shattered.  Second, this is going to cause people to come undone, act out, and blame others.  I have chosen an owl in flight for a visual cue as to how to handle today’s energy.  We aren’t going to be able to retreat into our tree, grounding ourselves and taking ourselves out of the swirl.  We will have to fly above situations.  We will need to take the “highest road.”  We can stop and rest in trees as we go along, but we won’t be able to stay there.  We have to keep moving because the energy is fast on our heels (talons?).  If you are a new reader, this may not make much sense (or sound totally insane), but readers who’ve followed since the winter are familiar with this shamanic skill of “mentally morphing” into the wise old owl in order to navigate the rapidly changing energy of the times.  We are changing and correcting (ascending, returning home) along with the planet and this requires skill.  But feeling like we’ve failed or that we are defeated is the illusion that we must overcome today.  IT IS NOT TRUE!  The energy is trying to make us see what we need to fix and where we deserve better.  This does not need to come with emotional outbursts, but since most people are unaware of what is really going on, they will unconsciously react.  We aren’t going to do that today.  We are the wise owls who are flying at a slow, graceful speed, watching everything that is happening with penetrating ferocity.  If this means you have to defend yourself from predators, so be it, but don’t emotionally engage the situation.  BE SMART.  And if the predator happens to be your own psyche beating you up, BE SMARTER, and rise above that.  It’s a trick and we aren’t falling for it.  We are better than this and we will get out of our own way today because we are involved in a much higher purpose – one that is much bigger than ourselves.

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  1. The day was almost over before i read this...and when i was i know why i felt the way i did...i am posting this a day late, but thought that maybe others would like an explanation why they felt the way they did yesterday...