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Friday, May 4, 2012

The “5-5-5″ (namely, May 5, 2012)… There’s a lot going on here… by kauilapele

The 5-5-5
There is a "significant" outlay of energy being initiated on the 5-5-2012. It is a "5-5-5". And it seems the word "outlay" is coming through here because this is rather a "laying out" of Higher Dimensional energy both from outside the planet, and from within. It is a "laying out" of Higher Dimensional energy both from outside of the individual, and from within. So it will be felt by lot of people.
The groundwork for this, energetically, comes from the efforts of those who recently returned from Egypt, at (and in) the pyramids (this was mentioned in this recent post). I'd say the line that came to me in that post that fits here is,
"There was a mission to Egypt... that was very important for the planet, for releasing a huge amount of Light from within the planet... And this Light released, I feel has helped many already to release stuff, that was formerly in the dark."
So this 5-5-5 coming up (Sunday), is another level, upgrade, of this release of, this "laying out" of, Light, from, in, and for the planet.
The 5-5-5 is also the Wesak (Buddha) Full Moon
The 5-5-5 is also the day of the Wesak (Buddha) full moon. This is also a "supermoon", where the full moon occurs at its perigee, or nearest point to Earth (another reference, here). According to the Wikipedia,
"Sometimes informally called "Buddha's Birthday", it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and passing away (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha."
Now, the precise time of this Wesak full moon is 5-6-2012, at 0335 UTC. So in Hawaii, it will be on 5-5-2012, at 535 PM HST. That's a 5-5-5 5-3-5. Five 5's and a 3. That's a pretty potent meatball number to me. And Hawaii (that's here) is the only region (land region, not including ocean) where this 5-5-5 5-3-5 will occur.
Each and everyone may have their own ideas about it, but all I can say is that there is something very significant about this. I feel a potent window opening on this 5-5-5 5-3-5 in Hawaii, and for sure, I'll be there (here). Doing what, I don't know yet. Guidance will guide.
Dr. Dan and his Magical Mystical Shifting Paradigms Show
One more thing, the day after, 5-6-12, is a "Dr. Dan" (Mathews) paradigm shift date. Here's a link to that page (and here's another page). Here's what he says about that.
"999 to the power of 7 paradigm – May 6, 2012
Crystal of the Goddess of Holy O"
That's what he said about that. And that's about what I understand about it. All I can say is, 9997 equals 993,020,965,034,979,006,999. Just a little over 993 quintillion.
World Liberation Day
Now the "World Liberation Day". I've not made any deals or announcements about it myself, but this may be something some will be drawn to on the 5-5-12. So below are a couple of videos some of you have sent me about that day (Mahalo to all of you who shared those).
All I can say is, this is quite a time. So much is happening now in an Inward kind of way, and also rapidly, more and more, appearing in an outward kind of way, that we'll be enjoying a period of the Light "blowing socks off" and "blowing minds open" and even "blowing hearts open", to the Light. By the Light.
Hold on to your hats... and your socks!

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  1. This is a powerful time/day....i can feel it already... this is our time...let's all rejoice in this great energy!!!