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Happy New Year 2013

Monday, May 21, 2012

Poofness:– 5/20/2012 – No down, No return… Be happy

Greetings and Salutations;

The folks have devoted themselves to much structural re-engineering this past week as everybody got pounded by the media with big piles of horse manure. Not even flies like that stuff. Everything taking place, the G8 meetings and NATO, are more coinciding events than calling anything, world leaders know the Big Shift is afoot and so it has been more prep than anything else. Austerity is not working in europe, can’t starve yourself to proper health…duh. Keep that up and folks will be storming the castle with torches, like an old frankenstein movie. Over in the US, they are preaching, trickle down economics again, and that’s called stupidity. In the present atmosphere, Reagan couldn’t even win in the republican primaries. And the first republican, Thomas Jefferson, wouldn’t have had a prayer in hell. The first person Teddy Roosevelt went after was JP Morgan…sound like we’re reliving something there? The bridge is out and we can’t go back to the 19th century.

I read the ‘rabbit hole’ thing, well, that must be an alternative tunnel, because I’ve been down here for a long time and that’s not what I’m looking at. Don’t for an instant think Maliki is holding up the rvs, one monkey don’t stop no show. Everything goes at once. pp’s and rvs, they are locked at the hip. A few months ago a vip offered him a trip to get his 72 virgins early if he’d like if he didn’t sign the docs. He signed ze papers.

From henceforth it’s been up to the matrix, but if they don’t know about the reality of the matrix, the talking heads are free to point at political leaders as being the cause of this or that. There’s something called the Law of Inevitability and that’s what everyone on this planet is confronting. The noise we’re all hearing is what’s causing it, kicking and screaming some folks are being drug to it. You readers are who will benefit from it….even the folks who gave up and can’t stand reading my missives. Cussing me out won’t help the river flow faster to you. I was prepped 30 years ago. The folks at the St. Germain trust were waiting a whole lot longer than most have been alive to get this over with.

I don’t have permission to tell everything I know, at this point. You will ‘SEE’ what I’ve been pointing at shortly and that will be plenty for your grey matter. There’s a lot of grinning and weeping going on right now and I’ll let it go at that.

Love and Kisses,

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  1. So here is Poofness again with his pearls of "wisdom"... thank you, thank you