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Thursday, December 15, 2011

David Wilcock’s Blog – Additional Info


I will be appearing on Kerry Cassidy’s radio show in the next half hour to speed up the process of telling the rest of the story.

7:21 pm: We are on commercial break with American Freedom Radio. I have already given a synopsis of the most important points.

8:40 pm: So many people are trying to listen to the show that it has completely maxed out the streaming servers. Please be patient.

An MP3 version will be posted within one hour after the show is completed — circa 10PM Pacific time. We will have it up here on this site and it will be on Project Camelot as well.

9:41 pm: I have been in conversation with various folks and I do not believe I will be harmed. The bulk of what I needed to reveal in Part Two was shared on live radio. I may give myself time to sleep and post this tomorrow rather than stay up all night, as this has been an emotional time for me.

Thank you for all the beautiful letters of support. At this point it would be very unwise for anyone to attempt to hurt me, for several different reasons — including those revealed on the radio program from “Anonymous.”

I will continue doing my best to give you the highest-quality inspirational material… for so long as I shall live.


Kerry just sent out the following message I got on Skype:

December 14, 2011

The SHOW STREAM WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 1 HOUR… we will post it here and on the Camelot Forum please send it around the world. David is now safe and protected.

Thank you to everyone listening for all the help and love. Please continue to send your love and stand in solidarity with David and all of us during this time. We place arms around the world in blessing and stand together – for together, united we are strong.

Breaking News! David Wilcock receives Death Threat
9:42 PM

Wild stuff… I believe “Management” has spoken once again. Thanks to your support in publicizing this and spreading the word, no harm will come to me. I do appreciate it!


Only seconds after I just posted this 22,222 synchronicity, I got the next update from Kerry under the same window. She sent me the link where you can now download this radio show, in which I was very emotional and cried a lot, but did manage to summarize everything that is going to be appearing in Part Two — all the main points.

This has been a very surreal and difficult day, but we moved quickly and I think it saved my ass. The YouTube sync I just had is very reassuring. I thank you for all your support.

Another commercial-free version of the radio show is being edited for YouTube distribution. Once that becomes available I will post a link to it here.

This link is to the same radio show, with commercials, but saved locally on our super-fast Divine Cosmos server in the event that American Freedom Radio’s service is hacked or compromised in any way.

As further protection, here is a link to a PDF file of this article that you can distribute far and wide in case you have trouble seeing this site or if it ever goes offline:

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  1. Let us rise up and support David and Ben in all that they do for us... if you have a way to get this info out please do, if all you can do is hold them in your light and love, please do that..

    love and light