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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Response to the Threats on David’s Life by Steve Beckow

Everything said here applies equally to Ben Fulford … and for that matter Bradley Manning as well.
David Wilcock has been threatened with mind control, torture, and death for having publicized the court case against people alleged to have stolen so-called Japanese bonds worth in excess of $134 billion.

One of the ways in which lightworkers try to defeat attempts at assassination or torture is to give publicity to the person being threatened. I’d like to put in context the fact that David when he comes on the air is in tears.

In the growth movement, some years ago, we would say that “the body has a mind of its own.” I learned this one year when I heard that a relative had died and I repeat this here to assist us to appreciate what may be happening for David.

I reacted to the news that my uncle had died only minimally. I had not heard from him or seen him in perhaps twenty years. Nonetheless, in the middle of the night, I sat bolt upright in bed and burst into uncontrollable sobs.  My conscious mind was not affected by the death of my uncle, but some part of it, much deeper, was uncontrollably affected.

I imagine the same thing happened for David. His bursting into tears should not be taken as an indication of fear but is probably the reaction of another layer of the mind which is beyond conscious control.
David reviews here the case against the cabal, the threats to his safety and his life, the plans he laid beforehand to safeguard himself, etc. The more people listen to this, the safer David will be from many angles.

The most important to list here is that the more people wish him safety, the more the hands of the Company of Light are freed to intervene.

What can the cabal do to David? I’m sure David knows of the existence of rendition/torture prisons. He knows about mind-control drugs and methods. The cabal could kill David outright. But I would think that of far greater concern to him is the possibility that he could be horribly tortured.  Of only slightly less concern perhaps may be the fact that he could be placed under mind control and made to act in ways that would lose him most people’s support.

So David’s lightwork has placed him squarely in the line of fire. Above and beyond asking the Company of Light to protect him, we as lightworkers should keep in mind that any radical or abrupt change in David’s behavior past this point should not find us suddenly abandoning him and decrying his abandonment of the Light or any other naieve assertions. If David’s behavior suddenly changes, I request that we realize that he will have paid a heavy price in mind control for his tireless and profound work on behalf of freeing us from cabal control.

Your publicizing these events on your blogsites or discussion groups could make the difference between the cabal harming him or not. So I do urge you to publicize David’s situation. David has always approached his work knowing the danger he faced. Given that he now faces that danger in a manner more real than he ever has before, it’s our turn now to show David our care and appreciation by publicizing his situation.

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  1. this response from Steve is absolutely amazing... and i truly think he is right on... i have been actively involved with David and his work for some time now and i really feel the emotions coming out is truly the case, rather than fear...
    David is going to be OK!!!