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Monday, December 12, 2011

Poofness 12-11-11

Cynthia: Get up and dance to the music!Get on up and dance to the fonky music! All: Dance to the Music, Dance to the Music Freddie: Hey Greg! Greg: What? Freddie: All we need is a drummer, for people who only need a beat I'm gonna add a little guitar and make it easy to move your feet Larry: I'm gonna add some bottom, so that the dancers just won't hide Sly: You might like to hear my organ playing "Ride Sally Ride" You might like to hear the horns blowin', Cynthia on the throne, yeah! Cynthia & Jerry got a message they're sayin': Cynthia: All the squares, go home! All: Dance to the Music, Dance to the Music
Greetings and Salutations;
So much for all that money, Sly is living in a van in southern cali now parked in a neighborhood. Well so much for the past. I have been advised to write one more missive to everyone, not that I have much to say. I must say folks, stop acting like everything is shocker.
We knew this was coming years ago. I can still remember the talk about there not being a middle class only the rich and poor being left according to 'their' plan. What you have to comprehend is, the 'fix' is in and planned for years ago. That was one of the reasons the St Germain trust was created 300 yrs ago and the chinese dragons got busy storing the precious metal yarns and yarns ago. King Soloman using his wisdom, had his wealth secreted away because he thought it would be squandered.
Continues more ..
As the world turns we have arrived at the time when all is about to be revealed, secrets told, then you folks will have to deal with the truth. Some brains may turn to mush, so I recommend sticking a finger in your ears so the grey matter doesn't drain all the way out. While the boo birds continue to send out 'hair on fire' messages, the council is well in control.
The fact remains, if it's public it is far from the facts, and do remember 'facts are but accepted opinions'. We all know about opinions and fly dookie. Sort of like roach crap. In that same venue, since the sting operation started, they have not relented from doing their own form of extermination.
Interpol is working over time. The compatriots in the us are finding some folks are no longer available, when they place a phone call, phones and more phones, are not being answered or going straight to voicemail. Hey mr cameron, never say never...wasn't that a Bond movie? Even the queen knows that isn't going to fly, she know directly from her land lord but you had a good run, didn't you? Protecting the 'city of london' from that bad euro. Like those fed guys down on Jekyll island drinking their 100 yr old brandy last year. And here comes a whole squad of dragons, breathing fire and using scorched earth policies. Since folks don't believe in dragons, they are being caught with their pants down on the privy.
Sorry, I am not caught off guard by any of this, the worse the news, they happier I am because, I knew this day was coming. Not like none of they were warned but as they say in the southland, they didn't believe fat meat was greasy. Yes, elizabeth, there are ets and human clones. You watch the politics and I watch them driving themselves into traps they can't escape from. Idiots can only come up with idiotic ideas. Damn why not hang a noose around your own neck and pull the lever too, like the senate did last week. Below are links to show you why these guys are hanging their own selves in desperation to keep the status quo of the last 100+ years. "You may go down into the earth, I will bring you up, you may go into the heavens and I will bring you down In the last days every knee shall bend.'
Love and Kisses

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  1. I love Poofness and the riddles that is talked in the posts, it keeps my mind thinking... "Sorry, I am not caught off guard by any of this, the worse the news, they happier I am because, I knew this day was coming. Not like none of they were warned but as they say in the southland, they didn't believe fat meat was greasy. Yes, elizabeth, there are ets and human clones."