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MESSAGE OF THE NEW YEAR which could also be stated as a VISION OF THE NEW YEAR, wehave found that what we vision/see manifests and right now we all need to vision freedom, sovereignty and abundance for ourselves, our home, our community and our world.

AS I FIND MYSELF and other close friends evolving in our purpose and life we find ourselves changing and wanting to create the New Earth in this the year of 2013. What a group of us have done is create a Visionary Circle, with a willingness to teach and educate others on the paths we have been exploring and learning the past several years.

HENCE, THE REBIRTHING OF GLOBAL PEACE; we will be sharing the information that has brought us to this point and the new current information that is surfacing on a daily basis. It will all be updated here on a daily basis and we can all learn, love and evolve together in love and light.

This is the year, 2013, for Unity, Community and Love. We are all going to learn how to bring these three elements into our personal life, or family life, our community and the world, and we would really like for you to join us for this journey and to participate with us on building a community here on the internet from whatever part of the world you are in, you are all welcome!!!!

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Happy New Year 2013

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Oracle Report: December 21, 2011

Balsamic Moon Phase

 Of all of the days of the year, today, the last day that the Sun is in Sagittarius, is one of the most powerful.  For this reason, we will need to take great care with our actions, words, and intentions today.  Maintain the highest frame of mind (love) and retreat into your inner self (the “tree” for wise, old owls) if you feel like you are being taken off-center.  This energy will force us take full responsibility for our actions very quickly, so we want to make sure that we hold ourselves to a higher standard to avoid problems.  You may feel like you are being tested.  If something negative starts developing around you, step back and look where power and control issues are coming into play.  This will be important information for you.  The shadow side of personality will easily come out today and there is potential for things that shock or suprise us.  But the thing to remember today is how powerful it will be to radiate kindness and love because it will not just ripple out in waves, it will transmit out like lightning and “charge” the field.  Big medicine, as the Indians would say.

You’ll see that I have released my book on the Black Moon for free download today. This book is the culmination of five long years of my life.  I had not originally intended for it to be free, but this information is our God-given right and should be given for free (“freed,” as you will read).  The book is written primarily for astrologers, but anyone can look up their birthday at the end of the book to find which sign their Black Moon is in and then read about it in Chapter 2.  You can also read how you know true love in Chapter 7.  It is my hope that you will find something of value even if you know nothing about astrology.  If you do know someone who studies astrology, please send them this link or print off a copy and give it as a gift.  The archetype of the Black Moon (The Mother) is intricately tied to Christmas and the ancient roots of this time of year.  In fact, the painting on the cover by acclaimed artist Felicia Olin is titled “The Virgin Mary.”  Interestingly, I had not fully integrated the Black Moon as the Mother energy a couple of years ago when the painting “spoke” to me as needing to be the cover.  You can find more of Felicia’s work on her site at  She is a gifted artist.  Finally, if you wish to order a signed, paperback copy you can read about that on the “Books” tab above.  Thank you to all of you who have helped bring the Black Moon to light.  Merry Christmas from The Oracle Report with love.

The Oracle 

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  1. as always this daily report does hit the spot for me... i guess the stars just don't lie...